Hey y'all!

Spring is here and it's a time of transition- transitioning clothes, home decor, and even hair products. It's important to switch up your hair products when the seasons change because you respond differently to the weather change. So, today I'm providing you with 3 quick tips to consider as we move into the warmer months.


Use Lighter Products

For me, my hair enjoys butter. I usually use the whipped shea butter that I make. It's perfect for the Winter months because it helps to combat dry hair.  However, as it gets warmer outside, I typically move away from the heavier products and use lighter products. Switching to lighter products reduces the likelihood that my hair gets weighed down. I also tend to sweat more in the warmer months so using lighter products also reduces the amount of build up on the scalp that occurs.

hair tips2.jpg

My favorite go-to product for styling is the Curls Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream. It's a lighter product that not only smells great but it gives me great curl definition.

Use More Water

I find myself using only water to moisturize my hair in the Spring/Summer months. It always surprises me, though it shouldn't, how great my hair looks and feels when I refresh it with just water. Sometimes water is just what your hair needs. Whenever I am refreshing my hair, I seal it with oil- preferably olive oil- to reduce the amount of build up.


Incorporate Fun Protective Styles

I live for braids in the Spring/Summer months. It allows me to give my hair a break from all the manipulation while also looking stylish! I tend to opt for braids or protective styles that are off my neck because it's too hot for all of that! With the plethora of protective styles out there you can do for the warmer months, the sky is the limit. See a few of my favorite protective styles that I've done below.

Changing your routine in the Spring/Summer months will make your life easier and your hair will thank you for it! Ultimately, though, every head of hair is different and you alone know what your hair needs so you should listen to it.

What are some things that you do to switch up your products in the warmer months?

Candra Reeves

SM: @cancanroynelle