The last thing we want is for anyone to see us sweat, literally or figuratively. But what's the cost you can pay in the long run to prevent perspiring? Possibly health issues since majority of commercial deodorant brands contain harmful ingredients that could put you at risk for health problems. 

Aluminum, a key ingredient in deodorant that is supposed to prevent sweating, can make its way into your bloodstream as you continuously rub deodorant under your arms and has the potential to increase the growth in cancer cells that may lead to breast cancer as well as cause hyperpigmentation. 

Along with aluminum many of the deodorants you find on the shelves contain parabens that could affect the amount of hormones and estrogen your body produces and get in contact with the breast tissue.

While research is still being done as to whether or not these ingredients are a direct link to cancer, it is always good to take precaution for not only what we put in our bodies but on it as well. Even if the product states it is natural, always read the ingredients and be knowledgeable of what you are putting in contact with your skin. 

I recommend giving Schmidt’s Naturals a try. They offer a variety of scents free of synthetic fragrances and has good lasting power. However, during the warmer months you may have to reapply once or twice a day depending on how heavy of a sweater you are. 

You can purchase Schmidt’s in a traditional stick form or opt for the deodorant jar. If you have sensitive skin be sure to get their baking soda free version to avoid possible breakouts. Retailers such as Whole Foods, Target, and Urban Outfitters carry Schmidt’s or you can order right from their website. 

It may take a few brands to find which is right for you but at least when you switch over to a natural deodorant you know you are not putting your health at risk.