Do you ever feel like you spend too much time in Sephora looking for that perfect nude to complement your brown skin? Or even trying to find the right lip liner to blend? Ever find yourself mixing shades just to achieve a natural look? Luckily two women, KJ and Amanda, came together to find a solution to this problem in the beauty industry and created Mented Cosmetics.


All too often black women are excluded when rolling out beauty products from foundation, concealer, lipsticks, and hair products. So it’s always great when brands come along that value us as consumers and even better when they are black owned

 Model wearing  Dope Taupe

Model wearing Dope Taupe

Mented lip products are smooth with a fuss free application. It’s perfect for those of us that need a quick touch up and can be done seamlessly just using one product. The brand also offers a variety of nudes and colors to suit all shades of brown.

 Model wearing  Nude La La

Model wearing Nude La La

My personal favorites are Dope Taupe and Nude LaLa shown above. KJ and Amanda understand that nude does not always equate to pink and took all undertones into consideration which I really appreciate.

 Mented Lip Gloss Collection

Mented Lip Gloss Collection

The fun doesn’t just stop at lip products you can also buy eyeshadow and nail polish with the perfect natural shades that complement women of color. Added bonus! Mented Cosmetics is vegan and non-toxic for those in search of cruelty-free brands.

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