Photo by http://thenet.ng/fashion-hands-that-talk/

Photo by http://thenet.ng/fashion-hands-that-talk/

I have been visiting the nail shop for over 20 years. I’m talking the Cotton Candy and Tiki Punch by Sation, French tips, airbrush, hibiscus nail art with the dotting tool, mood changing colors, pre-gel polish days until now. I’ve visited salons and “spas” all over the country and had just about every single shade known to man (this is how I know that I hate frosted polish and grape purple polish makes my hands look like mittens). A nail shop visit can be a relatively inexpensive treat depending on your style, but after a poor experience last spring, I said enough is enough. They completely jacked up my left big toenail and I’m still growing it out *eye roll*.

I am always looking for ways to cut costs because getting out of debt/ redistributing my funds is on my 2018 radar. Have you actually ever done the math to calculate how much money you spend at the nail shop annually? Some things to note about me: I don’t wear acrylic, I don’t get gel polish applied to my toes because it’s too hard to remove and honestly my toes never chip. Here are my figures:

Cost Breakdown:

Gel Manicure: $25

Pedicure with Regular Polish: $18

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Total: $1430 Annually

I have spent over $10,000 at the nail salon within the last 7 years!

There is no amount of 2-and-a-half-minute foot massages or polish applications that justified that kind of money (for me) and because I have been visiting the nail shop for over 20 years, there is no way in hell that I cannot do my own manicures and pedicures. What if I would have put that money into an investment account or purchased some shares of whatever stock? I could be RICH RIGHT NOW! So, I decided break up with them. I invested in my own UV curing lamp, tools (because you gotta go to work on Myra’s feet), and gel polishes and I honestly haven’t looked back. Have you broken up with the nail salon?

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