I must say as someone who has real freckles I don't know how I feel about the “cosmetic surgery freckles”. But reports say that now on top of breast augmentation and butt lifts these freckled additions are amongst some of the most popular procedures.

It all started with SZA . She was honestly the first mainstream person I know to get these Fake Freckles. Initially she was leading on that they were natural but then later admitted they were not organic.  

Shortly after I remember seeing the YouTube trending video on how to draw the freckles on with makeup and how to help them appear more real. I was flattered and shocked. In these videos popular YouTubers would be teaching their viewers how to apply makeup to create the faux freckles.   


They even have beauty tools and templates for those who really want the look but can’t afford the surgery. The tools cost about $5-$15 and can be found on ebay, Amazon, and even Walmart (check them out). Even cheaper, there's a really popular Snapchat filter that will give you freckles and a flower as a bonus!

This is rather interesting and has me thinking what's next? You can literally alter your appearance in every way shape or form. Who would have thought that my freckles would now become a trend. 

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IG: okitsla

Business IG: MelaninMedia_

Twitter: fashionbugla