I get it! You're always on the go, clocking into your 9-5, coming home to the side hustle,
plus all of the other things that have to be done in a day. At some point you get burnout! It’s
totally fine, we’ve all been there before. The question is how do you stop it from happening
in the future? Of course there’s no real solution to the tons of to-do lists that we have but if
we could cut down on the amount of work then maybe we could have more time for
personal care. Staying productive and working smarter, not harder is the key to success
when it comes to steering clear of burnout.
1. Start your morning the right way - Try getting up, having a nice cup of coffee or tea.
Most importantly ditch the cell phone! Do you have the habit of checking social
media when you wake up? Skip it! This way your mind is clear and you can actually
start your day instead of wasting time that could've been used for something else.


2. Create the perfect work space - I’ll share a personal experience. I have been burnt
out just because I was not using my time wisely, not working smart, and waiting to
do things at the last minute. What helped me? A organized work space that fit my
needs. I switched things up in my room to have a desk where I could sit, get work
done, and plan my day out. I noticed after one week of trying this that it was meant
to be. I had a clear mind and I wasn’t stressed out. Trust me, the space you work in
makes a huge difference. 


3. Take breaks - Sometimes we feel like we can conquer the world. While that may be
true, everyone needs a break. When homework gets tough and just can’t figure it
out, step away and get your mind back together. This allows a brain rest and
recharge. When you come back you’ll feel much better and will actually be able to
complete the work.

4. Don’t spread yourself too thin - Once I got a planner and started organizing my
week/month I realized that at times I was spreading myself too thin. I was saying yes
to everything and not thinking about the time I needed to set aside for myself. Learn
to say no sometimes and think about what you could realistically do. You can get
more things done without feeling like you're pressed for time!



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