This is How You Should Be Using Your Social Media

With the creation of “new celebrities” aka influencers, aka public figures, aka social media models, learning how to navigate your own profiles can be… challenging. There’s good news though. No matter if you want to be an influencer, blogger, entrepreneur, or other professional badass, here are a few ways you can use your social media to your advantage.

Here are a few things I’ve learned as a full-time media strategist and freelance blogger.


Gather Some Data & Insights with Instagram

Reality check. Being an entrepreneur means it’s about your audience, not about you.

People’s attention spans are getting shorter each year, so good visuals on Instagram can catch their attention. Switch to a business profile. This enables you to gather some useful data like how many people are seeing your content, how they are getting there, what they’re engaging with the most, and where they live. Plus, it’s free.

Gathering useful data and insights about your audience can help you be strategic about what and when you post. Learning what people relate to and engage with, helps for more purposeful content. Just make sure you’re being authentically you.

Use Facebook to Join and Create Communities

I’ve had to learn this the hard way: Just because you have thousands of followers on Instagram or Twitter does not mean that they are your audience. They are not going to always read your posts, buy your products, or support your vision. You have to find your audience. 

Facebook is a great way to do this by joining interest groups. I’m involved in over 30 groups about entrepreneurship, blogging, vlogging, and women’s empowerment. The world is bigger than the people who are already following you. This is a great way to extend beyond them. These communities are also useful to find tips, get critiques, and even find your next blogger bestie! Similar to Facebook groups, Reddit, Google, and LinkedIn have relevant groups and communities you can use as well.


Please Get a LinkedIn.

It’s astonishing to me how many of my peers don’t have a LinkedIn. How else are you keeping up with your professional contacts? How else are you gaining new ones?

I stay connected with almost everyone I come into contact with in the media and advertising industries with LinkedIn. Relationship building in an industry (and in life too) is one of the most important keys to success. You never know who could help you get that next opportunity. It could be someone you worked with five years before, or someone whom you’ve never met. They were just impressed with how you’ve positioned yourself online. Been there. Done that.

In short, you don’t have to be an Instagram model to find value in your social media. Be your own kind of professional badass, girl.


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