"The quicker we know we have gotten off track the quicker we can turn around"

I was 24 when I stopped and asked myself, “Where am I?”. I was working at an internship and “living my best life” but I felt so empty. Every weekend I was out drinking or partying. Relying heavily on my attachment to people and situations to be happy. I could only faintly remember what God sounded like. And the promise of a life more abundant seemed like a distant dream. One day I’m professing my love to God and submitting my life to Him, and the next I am consumed with my own thoughts and desires for myself. How did I get so lost?

We all get there. That point where we make a decision that sends us in the opposite direction of Christ. I don’t remember when I decided my emotions were more important to me then what God said. I don’t remember when I decided to seek relationships with man before deepening my relationship with God, but it happened. Now I’m so deep in to it, it’s hard to turn around. The embarrassment and discomfort of turning around is just enough to keep us on this path to nowhere. So how do we get home and avoid this trip again?

1. Realize you’re lost.

Have you ever driven somewhere with no GPS and start to realize things around you aren’t looking as familiar as you thought they were? Then you wait until the last second to turn your GPS on and you just missed the easiest place to make a U-turn. That hurts. But when we walk with God it’s important to know when we get lost. The quicker we know we have gotten off track, the quicker we can turn around.

2. Know what home looks like.

So you’ve realized you’re lost and make a U-turn. If all goes well, things should start to look familiar again. But that’s because we know what home looks likes. If we are trying to find our way back to Christ, we have to know what His directions and ways look like. And to do that we must be rooted in scripture and learn what God sounds like. There’s nothing more relieving then hearing you GPS redirect you. And don’t you trust that random default voice a little more then your homie in the passenger seat trying to lead you? That’s how we need to trust God! Shut off any voices from the world trying to get you to take their shortcut.

3. Involve God in everything.

The main reason we get lost is because we like to segregate our Christian lifestyle form everything else. On Sundays we praise, pray, and listen to God. But during the week we forget to praise and pray to God for the everyday things. It’s so easy to over spiritualize our relationships with God and think we need a service before we can feel the spirit of Christ. But we have been blessed to experience His power in ALL that we do. So involve God in your everyday decision so avoid getting off track.


"[...] We have been blessed to experience His power in ALL that we do"

So if you find yourself like me: lost and confused. Eliminate the distractions and look up to God for the way home.



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