Summer is here! It’s that time of the year when you can find diet plans to get #summertimefine or workout plans that promise you a “beach body by summer.” That’s all fine and good, but what about being fine all the time? Yes, we want to achieve those amazing results, but we also want to maintain them all year long! Getting and staying fit isn’t about cutting carbs and calories, intense cardio sessions, avoiding restaurants, and drinking nothing but water. It is a lifestyle change that requires you to adopt a new, healthier mentality all around and ways to sustain and maintain in everyday life. I want to give you a few realistic tips on how to maintain and sustain your healthy body not just for summer, but for life!



First, you have to commit to a healthy lifestyle in your mind, then your body will follow suit. Therefore, you understand that fitness is on a continuum and you are always actively working to maintain that lifestyle. Once your mind understands the importance of the new norm, your body will too! You will begin to want to eat healthier on a daily basis, exercise more, and learn more about what your body needs and what it likes. Improving your physical health is a powerful tool used to not only look better but to feel better every single day!





Eating healthy is 75-80% of your overall fitness! No matter how much you workout in the gym, you likely won’t see much progress in your health and fitness until you learn to eat healthy. Having healthy foods readily available (or “meal prep”) is the easiest way to develop the habit of sticking to a nutritious diet. Choose a source of protein (chicken, fish, turkey, etc.), any green vegetable, and a “good” carbohydrate (brown rice, sweet potato, etc.) for your meals. Make sure to limit fried, greasy or high fat foods as a “cheat meal”.



Cardio is extremely important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To make cardio exercise more fun, find ways to be more active in your everyday life! For example, I aim for a certain amount of steps per day. I achieve this by parking farther away from stores and walking more, taking longer walking routes at work, and even walking around at work. If you like hiking, swimming, or playing tennis, do more of that! Incorporate it into your weekly routine so that it doesn’t feel like a chore.



If you don’t remember anything else, remember that consistency is key! If you fall, get back up! When you mess up, start over! Don’t get caught up in what the scales says. Focus on how you feel, how you look, and how your clothes fit. No, I am not saying to never weigh yourself, definitely do so if you would like. But, I am saying that just because you don’t see a certain number on the scale doesn’t mean that you are not achieving results or that you are not healthy. It is only when we give up that we miss the results we desire! DON’T QUIT!



If you want to preserve the curves all year long and stay tone, weight lifting is the answer! Lifting heavy weights helps burn fat and calories long after your workout. No matter how much cardio you do, toning only comes as a result of lifting weights. I always thought that weight lifting of any sort would make me look bulky and masculine. If anything, it was the exact opposite—it enhanced my curves!


Drinking water has countless benefits for weight loss and overall health. Not only does drinking water help with cleansing and repairing your body, but it helps you achieve radiant skin! I love having a radiant glow. To make it easier for me to drink water I like to add lemon, mint, and cucumber for flavor.




This is my favorite! Your body repairs and rebuilds itself while you are sleeping, contributing to your overall physical and psychological growth and recovery. Sleeping is one of the best things you can do for your body, so it is important to get more of it if you can! In general, it is good to aim for about 7 to 9 hours per night, if you can.

 Photographer: Kristina Baldwin-Williams of K Baldwin Designs & Photography  Website:

Photographer: Kristina Baldwin-Williams of K Baldwin Designs & Photography



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