So you welcomed Christ into your life. You know that means life will be different; but how though? Questions start running through your mind. Can I go to the club still? Do I have to breakup with my boyfriend? Can I still listen to the same music? We begin to be conflicted on the way we are living our lives. So when it comes to music, does the music we listen to matter? The short answer is yes. Everything we consume matters.


"A 2017 article by Forbes stated that people are listening to 32 hours of music a week!"

Our days are filled with music. A 2017 article by Forbes stated that people are listening to 32 hours of music a week! That’s a couple of hundred songs, thousands of words filling our minds and influencing our thoughts. One thing I do is question all lyrics. I listen to what an artist is saying, because this is what I’m going to give 32 hours of my week to. And the initial vetting process will take time but will provide weeks of a clear conscience. There are songs that refer to women in less then desirable ways but there are also songs where we are just trying to figure out whether or not Kiki loves us or not.

I’m not going to imply that music in any way alters our salvation. A rap song cannot undo the commitment you made to Christ. But with following God comes a desire to be more like Him and glorify Him and his principles. So do these lyrics support or oppose what you believe. Do the lyrics align with scripture? Like everything else that comes with this walk, that decision comes after trusting God with your life and submitting.

At one point I found myself listening to hours of music, filling my mind and heart with these situations, words, and topics that I’ve chosen to abstain from, in my everyday life. But what was worse, on top of that I wasn’t even reading scripture. Certain vulgar lyrics were at the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t even remember what the Bible said. And it affected my relationship with Christ. My desire to for scripture weakened.

Remember making lava lamps in middle school. You added the oil, water, and food coloring to a jar. And would shake it and turn it, watching the oil float but never mix with the water. That’s how what I consumed sat inside of me. My music choice never fully mixed with how God wanted to me to live. I would try and try and turn the jar over and over again, but oil and water just don’t mix! And neither does some music with what God wants for us. I’ve chosen to guard my heart and listen to songs that don’t make me feel guilty. Sometimes that’s Drake other times it’s Lecrae. Either way, I always consult God before I do. I still listen to rap, but I also include contemporary Christian music, and gospel music.

Check out these playlist for some bomb rap songs that keep it clean and some much needed worship songs. Hope you enjoy!



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