If you classify yourself as a fashionista like I do, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the ongoing battle known as your closet. It’s honestly like a never ending cycle! I dig through my closet trying to find the perfect outfit and end up with clothes thrown on the bed or even the desk chair. As a stylist I don’t feel right helping others if I can’t help myself, so here are a few hacks I’ve implemented into my routine.

Add Storage Everywhere Possible

A game changer for me was adding shoe storage to my closet. Overtime I found my shoe collection growing and some of my purchases did not come in boxes. It’s honestly nothing worse than shoes thrown around in your closet, this can get messy and most of all look bad. Making a small purchase of clear plastic drawers/boxes has kept my shoes neat and out of the way. What’s great about this hack is that everything is stackable so you are able to maximize the space.

Clothes Racks, Added Space and Photo Worthy

Clothes racks are having a huge social media moment right now! We’ve all seen them pinned on Pinterest or uploaded to Instagram. Do you have your own? If not, invest in one! These racks act as another closet especially if the one you have is small. Buy neutral and sturdy when it comes to these racks. My first rack was cheap and broke after a while, making the invest has lasting benefits. I recommend storing your go-to pieces for the week or season, an item you have multiples of aka my blazer collection, etc.


Hang It Up, Hang It Up!

Accessories such as small bags, scarves, and belts, sometime don’t have a designated space in your closet. Try hanging these pieces on any open wall space inside and outside of the closet. This allows these items to be easily accessible and acts as décor. Command hooks are my go-to as they are easy to remove and super affordable!

Decluttering and organizing can be super easy with a little time and effort. Get creative, think outside of the box, and put these tips into practice.


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