Its been over two decades since the first black supermodel opened up for Prada’s fashion show. And you would think the doors would open for other black models from there right? I guess not... In 1997, the legendary Naomi Campbell graced the runway as the opening model for the Prada show, making her the first black model to open up Prada but ever since then, they went back to their traditional ways. Its inevitably clear now that all shades and shapes are being accepted in the fashion industry but Prada still lacks diversity on the runway and kind of leaves them behind on the topic of conversation or views in the black community. With social media being a HUGE vehicle on knowing what’s going on, most brands now-a-days want and need to be relatable as much as possible to keep people’s attention (in a good matter). And including black women (and men) is a necessary step forward for the brand.

Who is Anok Yai? 


This lovely dark-skin beauty was scouted only a year ago at the Howard University homecoming. The  photographer, Steven Hall, who runs the Instagram account @theSUNK, asked to take a photo of Anok at Howard’s Homecoming concert since he was photographing the best-dressed students at the concert. Anok agreed and gave him her information and social media. The photo instantly received over 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments praising the 19 year old student’s beauty. Anok’s own repost of the picture garnered an additional 29,000 likes. Four months later, she signed to the NY modeling agency , Next models and now she’s making history at the Prada show in Milan. If that’s not #MelaninMagic slash #BlackGirlsRock superpowers, then I don’t what you call this! This is only the beginning for Anok and I look forward to more black models breaking barriers in the fashion industry. 

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