Have you seen the movie BLACK PANTHER?!? If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of images online, or snippets of the movie by now. The images, the message, the acting and the dialogue was great but the fashion in WAKANDA (Black Panther the movie) was incredible! I’ve seen the movie 3x and I’m still finding out cool details about the movie. Without ruining the movie for those of you who haven’t seen the movie, I want to breakdown some of the fashion in a scene for the movie, Black Panther.

First and foremost, thank you Ruth E. Carter, a 2x Oscar- nominated costume designer, for creating such a powerful image for the Black & African Community. Not only did she showcase the beauty of black and African community she also provided a beautiful vision of Afrocentric fashion. Throughout the film, there were no color hair or long weaves down their back - all you saw was natural hairstyles. I’m sure this was an element that resonated freedom for the women on set and off set. Although, there was one scene where a warrior who had on a wig to disguise herself so she can fit in the “ western world” to complete a mission; she felt as though she was dishonoring her culture’s tradition by covering her bald head ( #TeamBaldHeads FOREVER, I love being bald and felt her pain!). And as soon as her cover was blown, she had a sigh of release. Why? Because she knew that at the beginning of her fight that wig was coming off and the bald head was coming out for the sake of #WAKANDA. 

Not only was she loyal to her culture but loyal to her self. I instantly gravitated to that part without a heartbeat.


Wakandans are serious about fashion,” Carter stated in The Atlantic article. Not only were they fashion-forward, but she was also clever with symbolizing the African culture. Do you notice any representation of a certain flag in the image above?


The Pan- African Flag, (Lupita in Green, Chadwick in Black and Danai in Red) . I was introduced to this flag and the background of Pan-Africanism when I attend an HBCU and having to take African Diaspora classes. Having that insight led me to identify that clever tactic in this scene.

And if you could look closely to the details of Lupita’s green dress:


I can go on for days about the Wakanda Fashion….FOREVER


...but I don’t want to ruin the moments for those who have not seen it and if you have seen it, go back with the details I informed you with and plug it in the movie I’m sure you’ll have a different outlook on the storyline. If you do have a different outlook, let me know your thoughts, love to have open discussions about it ! 



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