Canadian Supermodel Nini Amerlise shares what it takes to live your purpose


"Your perspective is your reality."-Nini

Inaugural winner of Supermodel Canada - Nini Amerlise

Photographer : Elena Russo

VANESSA: How did you get into the fashion world?

Nini: I signed up for the annual competition “ The face of African fashion week Toronto”, I went just on a whim, because why not? I had my reservations and my history of abuse and low self esteem had fielded those negative thoughts considerably, but a couple of weeks later, I got a call back and it really elevated my idea of what I thought was possible and what I am capable of.

V: What does a busy day look like for you versus a relaxed one?

Nini: Well I haven’t had very many relaxed days as of late but a typical day probably has me answering 20 emails, going to castings and go sees, touching base with my manager, I also do a lot of motivational speaking and mentor up and coming models within the industry, so I am often following up with their progress while doing what I can to motivate and encourage them.

V: What is the most influential runway show or print campaign that you have been apart of?

Nini: Seeing myself in flare magazine was a pretty crazy experience for me, I didn’t even know at first, my friend called me and let me know that I was in the issue at the time and that was really something.

V: What is a life hack you can share with us?

Nini: Affirmations. Waking up every morning, looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you can do anything that you can set your mind to and  that you are blessed and highly favoured despite your personal setbacks or creeping doubts, puts yourself in a mindset that anything is possible. Your perspective is your reality.

V: How do you deal with criticism, say with your look or your story or with any given facet of you and what you produce and share with others within your space? And what is something that you admit you wish that you were better at doing?

Nini: Criticism is a lot easier to handle now more than ever,  the childhood bullying experience allowed me to know the lowest of lows. Which prepared me mentally and emotionally for what to expect while being in the spotlight, I believe it was all apart Gods process for me. Teaching me wisdom, and understanding on how to navigate through it all. Which led me to finally  come to the terms, that I am not defined by the thoughts of others, rather I am made for greatness, We all are.


"[...]I am not defined by the thoughts of others […]


Photography: Tara Noelle

MUA: Shelley Zimmerman

Agency: AMTI Toronto

V: If you were not a model, what would you be doing and why?

Nini: I would be a full time motivational speaker, there is no greater joy in the world, than inspiring other to be their true selves. Unlocking maximum potential, self worth and love.

V: Any last sentiments or words of wisdom before we sign off?

Nini: Royals, we must remind ourselves to never let our challenges or circumstances, determine where we are headed, it is through the storm where champions are built. Greatness is birthed through persistence, consistency and faith in God;  the journey is worth the ride. Walk with Purpose, and Rise to your destiny! 









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By Vanessa Peters creator of and host of the Sofxposh Podcast