How To Slay Self-Love

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How do you bring Self-love to the light?

You start within and go deep, digging to the core and you stay there awhile, sometimes a long while. Until you find what opens up the freedom in your fall so you can look up and stand taller than you were when you started. But it will ache (whatever it is) until you accept and embrace it for whatever it is. Nourish your imperfections and mold those mistakes into gold, solid gold baby girl.

It is then the transition from your setback to your comeback begins illuminating an awakening of mind, body and spirit for the better. Soul much better. You glow differently. You’re taking your L’s differently and winning from the inside out now.

One day at a time, you begin picking up all the broken pieces and the rebuilding begins. You went from being a whole snack to becoming a whole meal. A masterpiece, who has mastered peace. You are an edifying entrée and the world will come for you desiring every bite of your light in all of your worthy glory if you let them. Don’t.

Hold fast, to owning the light that is all your own. You earned it!

Enduring the process, and honoring your progress will have you looking and feeling like self- love is Bae all day. The time is now to treat yo’ self, relish in your truths, and release toxic energies. Know that there is no ceiling to the evolution of a woman rising and representing into her most authentic and higher self. When looking in the mirror, affirm you are a force to be reckoned with and manifest those feels to the fullest. You can and you will vibrate higher, stronger and wiser.

There is joy in your journey, sis. May you stay shining your light on everything you are instead of everything you are not. Because the growing and glowing struggle is real, but a Queen who has readjusted her crown through it all is the realest!

Now grab your go to gloss, throw your favorite stilettos on and stunt a little bit. Maybe even a lot of bit.

Wink, wave and slay on self- love slaya!