2018 MILQ Mavens Of The Year


It’s official; we’re living in the era of the influencer. Thanks to the impact of social media, the power of fashion has been liberated where high fashion runways forecast what trends we can watch out for, but style influencers truly determine what’s in and what’s not. Now more than ever, everyday women of all hues, sizes and walks of life possess the power to shift the fashion landscape with the upload of a single photo. And thanks to these influencers, we can connect with content that truly depicts the multifaceted nature of our existence in an inspiring and relatable way.

Thousands of new influencers pop up everyday, but there’s a selected few who refuse to take their foot off of our necks, serving us with style inspiration that is coveted and editorial-worthy. For the first time ever, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top favorite influencers who we’ve given our official stamp of approval.

Here is our 2018 List of MILQ Mavens of the Year:


Style Profile: ‘Structural Flow’


A master of simple chic, her style is subdued yet vibrant in all of the right ways, making it relatable for the everyday girl seeking some style inspo.

“I find myself gravitating towards structured asymmetric pieces paired with flowy designs. Materials such as satin and silk are the cherry on top when it comes to dressing up.”

Style Lessons Learned from @TheDailySeyi:

  • You can never go wrong with a classic wrap dress

  • Denim always wins

  • Make the trend; don’t let the trend make you



Style Profile: “Man Repeller Meets Fashion Bomb”


Zesty and bold, she keeps us at the edge of our seats with her remarkable knack for mixing patterns. She’s always one to take the road less traveled to turn a look that’s true to her distinct style and vibe.

“I’m drawn to...iconic and recognizable and fashion aesthetics...I'm a show off in true Jamaican fashion. You gone see my outfit and remember me.”

Style Lessons Learned from @Caribbean_Cowgirl:

  • Knowing how to mix prints is a gift, not a privilege

  • Black designers need love too

  • Ankara is the new black



Style Profile: “Eclectic”


She’s the DIY Queen of fashion that can make a homemade piece look designer. She’s an avid travelista who knows how to reinvent her style to fit the aesthetic of every city, while remaining true to her signature vibe.

“[My personal style] is inspired by my travels and surroundings.”

Style Lessons Learned from @missenocha:

  • If you can’t afford it, make it yourself.

  • Rich in texture, rich in life

  • When you travel, pack light & shop often



Style Profile: “Sophisticated Flare”


She mixes high and low fashion like no other, always a serving a look that’s sleek with an extra splash of sass.

“[My] fave designers are Victoria Beckham, Cushnie, and Brandon Maxwell.”

Style Lessons Learned from @lifeinbeverlyheels:

  • It’s called a power suit for a reason.

  • You can never have enough statement pieces in your wardrobe

  • Buy pieces worth repeating, then reinvent them.