Tawana's Favorite Things: Meet the Fashion Queen Behind House of Chic LA

Whether you follow her or not, there’s no doubt that you’ve spotted Tawana on your Instagram feed serving you fab hair, a beat face, and full-on LOOKS. As the founder of House of Chic LA and Hair So Chic LA, she’s been our ultimate style goals for years, known for her sleek, chic and EXTRA AF aesthetic. She got her start as a fashion maven during the early days of Instagram after organically amassing a huge following of women who naturally gravitated to her OOTD posts. 


“When I got my first 500 likes [on Instagram], I was like ‘oh my god, what's going on?!  What do these people see?’  I started getting a lot of questions and DMs about what I was wearing and my style.”

When she achieved her first online “viral moment, Tawana responded to the demand by launching her online boutique House of Chic LA. Years later, she’s still going strong, now known as the online plug for classy girly-girls to find fashion forward fits at affordable prices. But what makes her boutique special isn’t just the bomb pieces. She’s also infamous for putting on for short thick girls by being living proof  that they can unlock their fullest style potential by figuring out what works best for their body. 

“[When I was younger] I would just wear anything that was cute… it didn’t matter what it was, I just wanted to look good. Now I just go for comfort over everything... I'm not the girl that has the flattest stomach or [anything] like that so [it’s important for me] to dress for my body type.”

The glitz and glamour of Tawana’s Instagram feed may lead you to assume that you know a lot about her. But the truth is that she’s a homebody who loves fresh flowers, a good beauty regimen,  and a night in with her pup. MILQ got the chance to sit down with Tawana to get an exclusive look into her favorite things, her guilty pleasures, and her life beyond House of Chic LA.

Grab a glass of wine and get into this roundup of Tawana’s Favorite Things!

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