Feminine Health Is Wealth: A Chat With Nerissa Nefeteri

Nerissa Nefeteri is calling, and you (and your yoni) should answer. She’s the Pelvic Floor Coach, Herbalist, Yoni- Practitioner, and Owner of Nene FemHealth, SMC Doula and saving the world one pum pum at a time. She wants you to take better care of your nani, and she’s serving all the self care tips and tricks on how to do just that.

So go ahead and close the shades, light some incense because it’s about to get real feminine and peaceful up in here -- and your pum pum will thank you.

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We wanted to go deep in our discussion with Nefeteri and take it back, like way back to when this yoni alchemist was a wee one in her mama’s womb to get to the core of self care, yoni power and positivity. It’s time to get real and right into it, pun intended. 

My mother made a choice for me when I was in her womb. From the way she ate, thought and the actions she made to make sure I was going to be raised in a toxic free environment. If it wasn’t for my mothers influence I don’t think I would be able to curve negativity the way I do now. Being around negativity , talking negative and being negative never got anyone any positive results.
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As Nefeteri got older, she became more interested in holistic and feminine health, using YouTube as a positive platform for the pum pum and discovered her purpose in teaching thousands of women (her Instagram following of over 300k says so) that their yoni matters.

I have always been interested since high school but I never knew how to express my interest about it. I felt like I would be an odd ball for wanting to talk about something so personal . But then I discovered YouTube!! I made my own channel in 2009 and started a series called Vagina Therapy. It helped me express my thoughts about feminine hygiene. I’m a shy person so it also helped me break out of an antisocial shell (at least for a few minutes at a time).

The series opened her eyes and her lotus eggs to all of the unhealthy things women were forced to use for personal hygiene thus Nerissa Nefeteri Inc was born. A special space where her Nene Fem Health website shop and Miami based store offers plant based feminine hygiene products, vegan makeup and skincare, a plethora of pum pum enlightenment and then some.

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“The main question I would ask myself was “Are these really all the options we have?” I became obsessed with finding out about all the natural alternatives and trying to understand why they weren’t being advertised in the mainstream market.”

Yoni’s everywhere should be glad she did. The Yoni Practitioner has been creating a sacred sweet spot and an invigorating territory by providing health information, tools, tutorials, products, herbs, and newsletters for sisters all over. Take note!  

“Our health doesn’t need to rely on antibiotics all the time. Proper hygiene, sex and food education will prevent many FemHealth issues in the black community. Easy access to healthier products need to be a priority as well. I shouldn’t have to go to the middle class neighborhood to get real cotton sanitary napkins because the stores in the black neighborhoods don’t sell them.”

That. Part.

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Nefeteri is pioneering and offering much truth, self love, toxic free femininity, healthy sexuality and plenty of womb wellness and wisdom to fellow floras everywhere.Her intimacy interventions are resourceful and she’s shifting the narrative around our lady bits with affordable and healthy personal hygiene and beauty products for all women —and our steamed yonis are here for and healing from it. 

Nefeteri continues to school us on self care as the instructor of her “Yoni Popping” class, a traveling fitness workshop that brings women together interested in holistically strengthening their core, or the alignment of their mind, body, and soul. 

“Many people have a false understanding of self-care and associate it with indulgence rather than whole-body health.”

It’s clear, Nefeteri is here with the goal of educating and empowering the sisterhood community of embracing and exercising their feminine magic. From watching Nefeteri’s 1 on 1 Lotus Egg Tutorial to purchasing some yoni herbs for holistic healing, The rejuvenation and relaxation is real. Turning your self care game up is a whole mood and “ it’s not only on Sundays!”

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Womb wellness is not just a sometime thing, it’s everything. Thankfully the Yoni Goddess is in our reproductive corner, helping us navigate our inner realms so we might truly cultivate the power of the precious pum pum on a regular. Bottom line, investing in yourself and your yoni is the real bag and “self- care is a daily lifestyle.” 

“It’s the way you think , eat , solve problems , get through your day, love etc. Everything you do in your life is a part of your self-care!”

Nefeteri said what she said. Yoni egg drop. 

Yoni 101 With Nerissa Nefeteri: 10 Do’s & Don’ts For A Healthy Vagina

The Don’ts

1. Do Not Pass Go, Unless You’ve Washed First
Don’t touch your vagina or allow your partner to touch your vagina without washing your/their hands prior.

2. Dry Garments Does A Body Good
Don’t keep wet undergarment’s on (gym, pool, etc.). This can cause yeast infections. Always change after the gym and beach.

3. Just Say No To Parabens, Petroleum & Silicones
Don’t use lubes that contain parabens, petroleum and silicones. They are known to throw off your PH and cause irritation.

4. Don’t You Dare Think About Douching
Stop douching, Periodt!! Even douching with water is a no go. If you want to refresh your yoni, consider a vaginal steam!

5. Stress Need Not Apply
Stop stressing! Stress throws off your hormones which can ultimately affect your vaginal flora. Your vagina deserves better. It does not need that type of negative energy!

5. What Vulva Wants, Vulva Gets
Don’t wash your vulva with a washcloth. Use your hands! Rags/cloths carry bacteria that you transfer on to your vulva. 

The Do’s

6. Power To The Probiotics
If you’re prone to BV, use probiotic supplements! They help to keep your PH balanced. Taking probiotics everyday will assist to minimize the recurrence.

7. A Lemon And A Cranberry A Day Keeps The Yeast Away
Drink a mix of lemon water and pure cranberry juice twice a day. This helps to restore your bodies PH, keeps the urinary tract healthy and keeps the yeast away.

8. No Panties, No Problem
Free ball! Yes, take the panties off ladies. No need to wear undies in bed, let your vulva breathe please!

9. Ditch The Detergents
If you’re allergic to laundry detergents, wash your underwear with a fem wash instead. 

10. Yes To Staying So Fresh & So Clean, Clean
Have your partner cleanse with the same fem wash you wash and use on your vulva, it will help minimize irritations.