Get Glowed Up: Why These 7 All Natural Face Oils Are Summer's Secret Skin Miracle

So can we have a seriously REAL conversation about our skin health? Ok, show of hands—who has tried ALL the OTC and prescribed medications known to man to heal acne, dark spots and blackheads with no success? What makes matters even worse is when these medications don’t solve the problem and cause even MORE skin inflammation than before. If this sounds like your story, it may be time to ditch those harsh chemicals for a natural approach. Have you tried the oil cleansing method? Yes -- you read that correctly. But before you completely side-eye our suggestion, check out the facts.

While it may sound counterintuitive to the girls with oily or problem-prone skin, oil cleansing is super beneficial for a few reasons. It helps gently cleanse the skin by removing makeup, dirt and environmental toxins, maintains the skin’s natural lipid layer for moisture retention, and soothes sensitive skin. So believe it or not sis, oil cleansing might just be the key to getting your skin glowed up before Summer ‘19 is over.

Still skeptical? Not for long! We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite black-owned face oils for you to test out the oil cleansing method for yourself -- and they’re are ALL under $50!

For Dry and Tired Skin

Plant Apothecary Ground Control Organic Body and Face Oil, $36
When your life is busy from work to school and side hustles, sometimes caring for your skin can take a backseat. Luckily brands like Plant Apothecary are here to provide us #bossbabes with skincare that makes it easy to squeeze into our hectic lives. This oil contains scented essential oils for relaxation while organic sunflower seeds and Vitamin E work to nourish and cleanse your skin from the inside out. It’s self-care and skincare, all wrapped into one.

Buttercup Essentials Hydrating Herbal Body Oil, $25
Wrinkles? We don’t know her! Rewind the hands of time with Buttercup Essentials Hydrating Herbal Body Oil. It harnesses the power of Apricot Oil, delivering a powerful dose of anti-age elixir that slows down signs of skin maturation, such as wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes.

For that Natural Glow

Aya’De Health & Beauty Goddess Glow Face Serum, $23.50
This skin-loving cocktail is the perfect combination of some of Mother Nature’s signature oils. While Argan Oil adds moisture to the skin’s deepest layers, Sandalwood Oil works to rejuvenate skin to reveal a youthful brightened glow! Not even your favorite highlighter can ever compare to this natural glow.

Pure Tropix Pearl Face Elixir $42
Uncover a luminous complexion when you try Pure Tropix’s Pearl Face Elixir. This facial oil is a multi-purpose concoction that deeply penetrates your skin’s layers with oils like Pomegranate Seed Oil, which works to hydrate and moisturize even the driest and flakiest skin-type.

For Inflammation

Brown & Coconut Hydrating Face Oil, $28
Brown & Coconut’s Hydrating Face Oil is historically known to calm inflammation and soothe irritation. This power ingredients fades blemishes and encourages skin regeneration so you can have healthy, glowed up skin again in no time.

GLAM BOMB Power Detoxifying Face Oil, $18
If you thought Black Pepper was only for food, think again! This ancient essential oil is sweet and spicy, but offers magnificent antioxidant properties that work to repair and improve laugh lines and wrinkles, clear blemishes, and combats bacteria under the skin’s surface that leads to inflammation.

Mother of Earth Beauty Care Goddess Glow Face Oil, $20
This powerful face oil is packed with Juniper Berry, which works great to protect pores from bacteria  that cause acne. It’s also great for UV protection, and purifies blood cells for skin rejuvenation -- A.K.A., it’s the secret to making sure that black don’t crack.