Your Fave Childhood Trend is Back: Hair Clips & Statement Barrettes


Do you remember back in the day when your mom would make you sit down for hours to deck your hair out with colorful clips and blinged out barrettes? Well it turns out that she might have been on to something! Who knew that in 2019 hair clips, aka barrettes, would make a massive comeback in high fashion? Embraced by luxury designers and indie brands alike, statement clips aren’t just a trend; they’re a form of expression, spelling out everything from the name of your favorite brand to trendy adjectives or phrases. The trend has even been embraced by fashion heavy hitters like Rihanna and Solange, making it a must-have accessory for all unfiltered fashionistas.

It's time to make a statement with your hair accessories. Here are our favorite style mavens who've been spotted in the statement barrette trend, and the black owned brands where you can shop it now.


Humans Before Handles

Lace by Cataleya

The Style Animal

More Places to Shop the Trend

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