Get Your Skin Summer-FINE Ready with these Black-Owned Skin Scrubs

Sun’s out, Skin’s out! From parties and weddings to tropical getaways, we’re ready to bare some skin as much as we can before Summer’s over -- but first, we have to show our skin some T.L.C. (and we don’t mean the musical group). 

Exfoliating and moisturizing is key to achieving healthy, glowing skin. There are a ton of items on the market; so how can a girl pick one? We can tell you right off the bat that apricot and walnut scrubs just ain’t it! We’ve tried several top-rated, black owned exfoliators, and now we’re spreading the love.  From charcoal, coffee, to brown sugar, we’ve found some of the most affordable black-owned body scrubs on the market that we’ve given our stamp of approval.

Minimo Perk Whipped Coffee Body Scrub

If dry and flaky skin are an issue for you, get you some of this all-natural coffee scrub! It lathers and gently buffs skin with Macadamia Nut Oil, Brown and Pure Cane Sugar, and Ginger Root Extract; natural ingredients to nourish even the most parched skin. 

Kaike Sugar Scrub

Get glowed up with this sweet and invigorating body scrub that deeply penetrates the skin with all natural and vegan ingredients, including cane sugar, coconut oil, avocado oil and vanilla.

Kyncare Pink Sucre Whipped Body Scrub

Your beach body isn’t ready until you rub yourself down with this rejuvenating handcrafted scrub. Together, the foaming whip and Pink Himalayan Salt lather and gently exfoliate skin to remove impurities and reveal a beautiful glistening complexion.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub

It’s quiet for dead, dull skin, thanks to this moisturizing sugar scrub created by Shea Moisture. It exfoliates and nourishes while leaving it firm and toned — aka, ready for shorts and skirts all Summer long.

Pure Tropix Lime Acai Body Scrub

Talk about a tropical paradise! Your skin will thank you after being lathered with a silky smooth Caribbean Sea Salt blended with Acai Oil and Cupuaçu Butter. This botanical combo hydrates thirsty skin and smells delicious! It’s a must-have to pack with you on trips where swimming in salty waters will be involved.

Glam Body Skin Brightening Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub

Mix the perfect scent for summer with grapefruit essential oil and what do you get? The perfect exfoliator to help brighten skin and keep it glowing all summer long!

8 Black Beauty Boss Babes You Should Know

Black women are no longer waiting  for more diversity in the beauty industry. Instead, they are creating brands of their own that are making waves  in multi-faceted ways. In every arena of beauty from hair and skin care to nails, black women are one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs nationally and are showing no signs of slowing up. Catch this list of  black beauty entrepreneurs that are MILQ Magazine approved!

Janell Stephens, Camille Rose

courtesy of color visions

courtesy of color visions

Camille Rose CEO and Founder,Janell Stephens, is a force to be reckoned with. The mother of 5 and former therapist initially created Camille Rose to treat her children’s skin ailments in 2010. After realizing her all-natural products helped her family and friends too, Stephens expanded and launched her company into a recognizable brand of hair, skin, perfumes and candles. Her products can be found in Target, Walmart, CVS and more.

Kimberly Chloe-Wilson, The Butter Bar

courtesy of my butter bar

courtesy of my butter bar

Houston native Kimberly-Chloe Wilson developed her penchant for all-natural ingredients after reading the labels of products and being horrified at what she saw. Unwilling to put her or her family's health at risk, she decided to do her own research and whipped up ingredients of her own. Fast forward and what started in her kitchen is now a full-blown all natural skincare business.

Tracey Golbourne, Fortifyd Natural

courtesy of sheen magazine

courtesy of sheen magazine

Former Financial Analyst Tracy Golbourne is on a mission to educate women about the difference between moisture vs. hydration with her emerging hair care line  Fortify’d Naturals. Her brand is gaining enormous traction for its specialized moisture technology, which treats dry and brittle hair from the roots -- earning her the title as Head Mixtress.

Melissa Butler, The Lip Bar

courtesy of essence magazine

courtesy of essence magazine

Detroit-bred Melissa Butler turned her rejection on Shark Tank into her motivation to reach new heights with her vegan lipstick company The Lip Bar. The holistic and uber in-your-face brand unapologetically advocates for women to celebrate who they are outside of traditional beauty standards. With sexy and sultry lipstick shades like jet-black Night Owl, her lipsticks are all made from healthy ingredients like shea butter and organic avocado oil.

Melinda Herron, 103 Collection

courtesy of 103 collection

courtesy of 103 collection

Melinda Herron is the Co-Founder of vegan and organic lifestyle brand 103 Collection. The brand offers affordable and effective products for beard care, grooming and hair care. Mixing and matching ingredients straight from Mother Nature’s backyard like blueberries and pomegranate, the company is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Kim Lewis, Curl Mix

courtesy of soundcloud

courtesy of soundcloud

Kim Lewis, who founded Curl Mix with her husband, developed the brand  to assist naturalistas who were eager to create their own DIY goodies for themselves without the hassle. What started as an ingredient-based subscription box is now a full-blown hair care line receiving rave reviews.Fully engaged with their customers, the duo recently transformed the brand in response to growing request from excited customers.

Vonetta Williams, The Truth Bar

courtesy of the truth bar

courtesy of the truth bar

After years of watching WOC deal with skin ailments like hyper-pigmentation, scarring and acne, Veteran esthetician Vonnetta Williams  developed The Truth Bar. The bar harnesses the power of sulfur 8 and glycerin to provide skin with moisture while cleansing and exfoliation.

Sha’Donna O’Neal, Nancy’s Kitchen

courtesy of Nancy’s kitchen

courtesy of Nancy’s kitchen

Sha’Donna O’Neal’s up and coming hair care company Nancy’s Kitchen Products NKP targets women of color with naturally kinky and curly hair textures. Her products focus on achieving and maintaining healthy hair by using high quality ingredients best suited for the kinky and curly hair types.

These Black Marketplaces Make #LivingBlack Easy

We can all relate to the hilarious ‘Living’ Black’ episode of Killer Mike’s Netflix series Trigger Warning.

where he pledges to only use and consume products that come from the black community for 72 hours straight. That pledge quickly goes wrong as Killer Mike is left carless, foodless, and sleeping on a random park bench because he can’t find enough black owned companies to fulfill his day-to-day needs. Although his show is purely satirical, it speaks to the very real issue of how tough it can be to find black businesses to shop from, especially beyond the fashion and beauty industries. While black entrepreneurship has consistently been on the rise over the past few years, accessibility has remained a huge struggle for woke consumers who are looking to keep their money circulating black community.  At last, some black entrepreneurs are emerging on the scene to create a solution by launching pop-ups and online marketplaces that make black-owned indie brands easier to support than ever.

In honor of National Small Business Week, here are some of our favorite plugs for discovering and purchasing black owned products:

Her Market

Founded by black girl boss duo Kia Perry and Jazlin Pitts, HERMARKET™ is a platform created for female-owned indie brands. They connect shoppers, influencers, and local retail shop owners through curated experiences like market-style pop-ups, retail experiences and collaborations. Not only do they stay on the pulse of amazing up and coming women-owned brands, but they help them foster strong communities with consumers by hosting monthly panels and social events.

Their most recent pop-up marketplace, which took place in Mid-April, featured a diverse range of black-owned brands across multiple industries including personal wellness brand Project Free Woman and Rosanna’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream. Just a few weeks earlier, they hosted ‘The Working Woman’ panel where guest panelists shared their trade secrets on how  they achieved success in their respective industries.

Black Owned Brooklyn

The only thing more rewarding than supporting black owned businesses is supporting them in your very own hometown. That’s the philosophy behind Black Owned Brooklyn; a platform created by married couple Cynthia Gordy Giwa and Tayo Giwa to spotlight Black Brooklyn’s people, places and products. Since their inception in 2018 they’ve already amassed a loyal following over 27.3K strong on Instagram, where they not only put on on for local black owned businesses, but document the diverse stories and contributions of the people who own them. From local nail shops and juice bars to cafes and pet stores, they’re working to bring massive traffic to some of the most treasured little gems in BK.  

BLK MKT Vintage

Proudly standing as one of the only places where you can buy a vinyl copy of ‘The Boy is Mine’ and the book Images of Black by Jewel C. Larimore, BLK MKT Vintage is redefining vintage consignment shops by collecting items that showcase multifaceted expressions of black cultural identity, all under one roof. Equal parts consignment shop and historical hub, they collect black “collectibles and curiosities” including books, vinyls, artwork and even furniture. Online they host a digital dialogue called ‘Collecting while BLK’ where they explore black peoples’ vintage curiosities while keeping an archive of fun facts about the items they collect for their market.  They also host in-person pop ups and panels, such as their recent #BlackGirlsDoVintageToo event, where they convene fellow black vintage enthusiasts to discuss the importance of our cultural ephemera.


If you like your healthcare as natural as your hair, this one’s for you. Created by professor of public health and natural life enthusiast Dr. Kristian Henderson, BLK + GRN is an online marketplace that curates toxic-free, plant-based beauty products exclusively created by black artisans. The online marketplace carefully curates and sells the very best in black organic health from cult favorites like Black Girl Sunscreen, to newer must-haves like PH7’s Natural Kombucha Tea toner. They also educate black women on how to live greener lives  while creating healthier beauty regimens during their live panels and The BLK + GRN podcast.

We Buy Black

We Buy Black is more than an online marketplace; it’s a movement. Recognized as one of the first well-known online marketplaces of its kind, it’s mission is to help you find black owned businesses that create products for your most essential needs from personal hygiene to home goods. Beyond the items they sell in their online store, they also put the spotlight on black entrepreneurs who are breaking barriers with their highly successful businesses. We Buy Black also has a black owned supermarket chain in the works that will source naturally grown vegetables and fruits from Black farmers in Georgia.

Millennial Duo Creates New Online Beauty Market for WOC


When you visit Coil Beauty’s website and see four fists of color, you know you’re home. In an industry traditionally known for its lack of inclusiveness, Founder and CEO Aisha Shannon-Bates and COO and partner Kethlyn White decided to create an online community and marketplace that caters to the unique needs of women of color. The new e-commerce site carries emerging beauty products for women of color - and it gets better, because the brands they carry are owned by people of color too! The site launched in 2018 after Shannon-Bates became frustrated with her shopping experiences at major retail stores. There was often no one to answer questions, make product suggestions, or give any advice on common beauty woes. Seeing this void, Shannon-Bates worked with White to not only improve the online shopping experience for WOC, but offer a well-curated selection of products to address their concerns. Their growing product selection includes some well-known brands, such as The Lip Bar, Camille Rose and Lime Green. From nail polish to tinted moisturizer, they have products women of color are eager to try.

In a MILQ Magazine exclusive, Coil Beauty Founder candidly discusses the upheavals of creating a brand from scratch, and offers some much needed insight on the value of more African-American women represented in the digital beauty arena.

MILQ: Why do you believe it's important to have a digital space for WOC and their beauty needs?

Aisha Shannon-Bates: We believe it is essential for the beauty industry to have representation and a space for all types of beauty in order to continue to evolve. Our site and social media pages showcase women of color in all shapes, sizes, color and everything in between. Coil Beauty gives us the opportunity to engage with our customers through a variety of platforms: they can email us, they can chat with us on any of our social channels, some of our #CoilBeauties and #CoilKids have made videos we’ve featured on our Youtube channel and our ever present “Hey” button lets customers interact with us quickly.

MILQ: What were some initial challenges that both overcame when starting a business?

Aisha: The biggest challenge I've had to overcome when starting Coil Beauty was not really knowing where to start when starting a business. The first task I completed was getting a logo which I thought was my brand but it was not a brand it was just a logo. Once I sat down with someone who develops brands for a living and went through brand discovery, logo development and creating our voice that was the moment Coil Beauty was born. And, the brand development paid off because now when people have questions about my brand or even when my team and I are trying to work through something whether it’s creating a social media graphic or a discount code we revisit our brand book to guide us and without it I do not think we would be where we are today.

MILQ: What makes COIL Beauty unique?

Aisha: Coil Beauty is unique because it’s a site that was created with the idea of showcasing people of color and making it easier to shop for people of color. Coil Beauty was created to make our customers feel like they are important and not an afterthought; we accomplish this with the products we carry and also they way we choose to showcase so many types of black beauty. Coil Beauty also interacts directly with our customers via email, via social media and our “Hey” button which resides in the top right corner of every page on our website. Questions our consumers ask are typically answered by professionals in the field of beauty. We also attend hair shows and expos always looking to interact with our customers, look for new products and to be educated at these events.

MILQ: What is the vision for the company in the long run?

Aisha: The vision for Coil Beauty in the long run is that Coil Beauty will be the go to place to shop for products for people of color. We want people to say I’m having this issue and I need something to fix it and then to say ‘let me go checkout coil and see what they have for me’. We want brick and mortar stores and we want our customers to know that Coil Beauty is theirs and we welcome their feedback and their smiling faces.

visit and be sure to follow their Instagram @coilbeauty


9 Beauty Products That Will Make You Happier Than A Relationship

Your Unofficial Official Valentine's Day Guide to Beauty

Being in a relationship for 4+ years has taught me that relationships are A. hard; and B. take a lot of patience.

If you’re not in one, you shouldn’t be in a rush, really. We could spend Valentine’s day in the arms of our lovers, staring straight into their eyes while munching heart-shaped chocolates OR surrounded by our girls drinking wine, twerking and in no rush to fill society’s demand for women to “find someone”.

It doesn’t matter which boat (or Uber) you’re in, here are 9 beauty products that requires less from you than a relationship. (All products can be found on


Bask and Co: brown sugar cubes
Start rubbing, it’s probably what you’ll end up doing by the end of the night anyway *wink*. These brown sugar cubes are fortified with a ton of yummy ingredients that break down the rough layers on your skin for the perfect base.


Or if Face scrubs aren’t your thing try a: Kale face mask

Kale face wash doesn’t just carry minerals that you can also find ingesting a bowl of kale, it’s soft enough for all skin types, including sensitive ones. It’s an all powerful, organic super food that provides super skin when use topically. Prepare for all the ‘wow’ facial expressions you’ll have all evening. You’re welcome.


Finalize with Kaike Frosting
This cupcake smelling frost is the closest thing to having your cake and eating it too. What makes it even more special is that it’s all natural, vegan and preservative free. With all that moisturization going on, your face is set to bake!



Zanzi Beauty foundation
If you loved Fenty Beauty, you’ll love Zanzi’s foundations. Created for black and mixed-raced skin tones, this foundation accurately understands the concept of warm and cool undertones on dark skin, unlike many of their mainstream counterparts (Morphe, I’m not talking about you).

Marena Beaute Tarou blush
Blush and bat your eyelashes with the perfect companion: the entire Marena Beaute Tarou Blush Line. These shades were formulated with sophistication for darker complexions. You won’t find bright pinks and red based blushes here, but these rusted oranges and reds make all the difference.


Lipped and highly favored
Kiss your beloved with these shades on your lips Evil Twin, First Class and Private Jet.  On the other hand, show your wild side with shades 1978, ZiSe and Unbothered. No matter which look you for, you can be guaranteed that these shades are 100% cruelty and paraben free.


For a Mattier look, Oowie is the perfect hook
Oowie is the name of the brand I’m suggesting next, and accurately what your date will yell when they lay their eyes on you. These mattes are luxurious and transfer resistant. You can have several glasses of wine without the constant touch ups. I can’t say if it will hold up against constant kissing (get a room, love birds!) but I’m sure one of you will let me know.



Natural Roots Detox wash

With detox being popular in beverages and food, I’m so happy that a detox is now made for hair. Prep the weekend before Valentine’s Day with this detoxifying cleanser that is gentle on hair strands but harsh on oils, butters or gels that make hair brittle and unmanageable. All safe ingredients.


Long lasting coil control
Do you have any idea what makes Valentine’s Day special? Your hair, of course. This Curl Control Jelly from Crowns and Contours sweetens up the whole night with Honey and Agave to do everything from maintaining your edges to holding up those juicy curls till the evening. This is the kind of gel that does not flake so there is no need to worry about that!


When it comes to beauty, we certainly don’t want to deal with the unpredictability or struggle that comes with relationships. We know that looking and feeling gorgeous makes everyone feel unstoppable. So remember that this Valentine’s Day you will give yourself a gift first and then to others. Don’t forget to take those selfies!

Elsa A.