Your Fave Childhood Trend is Back: Hair Clips & Statement Barrettes


Do you remember back in the day when your mom would make you sit down for hours to deck your hair out with colorful clips and blinged out barrettes? Well it turns out that she might have been on to something! Who knew that in 2019 hair clips, aka barrettes, would make a massive comeback in high fashion? Embraced by luxury designers and indie brands alike, statement clips aren’t just a trend; they’re a form of expression, spelling out everything from the name of your favorite brand to trendy adjectives or phrases. The trend has even been embraced by fashion heavy hitters like Rihanna and Solange, making it a must-have accessory for all unfiltered fashionistas.

It's time to make a statement with your hair accessories. Here are our favorite style mavens who've been spotted in the statement barrette trend, and the black owned brands where you can shop it now.


Humans Before Handles

Lace by Cataleya

The Style Animal

More Places to Shop the Trend

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Celebrity Hair Hacks- Broke Girl Edition

Celebrities have a way of setting the trends we fawn over and styles that we have sacrificed our financial futures for.  

Let me just ask: how many of you have skipped a monthly student loan payment and got $300 curly hair bundles instead? Or have overdrawn their checking account to shop all the new 5 to 10 SheaMoisture products at Duane Reade?

Celebrities may have it all but everything they wear is open to be copied by girls like us who admire them. The following hairstyles were originally worn by celebrity black girl magic but we’ve hijacked it for ourselves. So as you scroll through the list, take note… and take as many screenshots as you can to save for later.

Cost to Copy: $120-$230


Faux Locs like these take 2 to 5 hours to complete, depending on the length. They are however amazing alternatives to crochet braids, individual braids or Senegalese twists, especially if you want the loc’d look without the commitment or maintenance. Scalp care is just as important though, so don’t wear these past 3-4 weeks.

Cost to Copy: $50-$70


This is the most affordable yet low maintenance hairstyle that ultra busy gals like me could consider looking into: the ultra short hair with a fade.  Picture having not to twist your hair every night, sift through tangles or worry about styling every morning! This style may as well be called “Time Saver” because of all the time you will save looking cute and sophisticated without even being bothered to even think about it.

Cost to Copy: $140-$275


Installing a dual-toned short bob wig or weave such as the one Tyra is rocking has got to be a splurge so make sure you shop around for more affordable options. This hairstyle’s length provides a mature, professional appearance that any power woman could make a bold statement with, no matter what room she’s in.

Cost to Copy: Free!

This is a fabulous Updo that is easy to copy, gorgeous and stress-free. It looks amazing on any hair type and is highly customizable. On top of that it’s a nice protective style that is as easy to take down as it is to go up! This is a lazy girl’s prayer completely answered.

Cost to Copy: $50 to $100


This Updo requires additional hair to achieve the robust bun at the top and a pro may be needed for optimal results. However, it can’t be all that difficult for you or a friend to install it if you have the right amount of bobby pins keeping it all together. This style can be an everyday go-to or a last minute up-do to a fancy dinner or event. Pull it all together with bold jewelry and watch the world collectively turn their heads when you enter a room.

Cost to Copy: $85-$125 (haircut + color)


Now, very few women can pull of any Rihanna look, much less a hairstyle, but if you’re brave and looking for a drastic change don’t be limited to a mohawk with red hair (just sayin’). The sky's the limit as far as how bold or muted you’d like it.

Cost to Copy: Free - $50


The space buns Janelle Monae is wearing are messy enough to do them yourself and get away with! Make sure you leave some stray side hairs to frame around your face for an ethereal look and 25 to 30 light-colored pins to decorate each bun with.

These hairstyles were not only once worn by celebrities but they are also easy enough to recreate and make your own. Whether or not you use a stylist is up to you; most of these looks can be done with the right tools, additional hair and arm strength. *wink*  Enlisting the help of some friends could actually be helpful, plus you could use the time spent to catch up with gossip or watch the latest episode of Grown-ish.  Once you’re done, act like a celebrity and post those selfies girl!

Happy hair- hacking!


Elsa A.