Are Mini Bags a Go or a No?

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

At one point or another, we’ve all fell victim to the ‘Mary Poppins effect,’ carrying around oversized handbags with everything we think we’d ever possibly need inside. As extreme as that might seem, the mini-bag trend of the moment may have it beat. These bags, which were initially made popular by Jacquemus when they premiered in their Spring 2018 runway show, are popping up everywhere in different forms -- from being worn around the neck to being worn on the waist as a mini bag belt. It’s even been recently spotted on runways dangling from the finger of models as a comical 2-inch accessory courtesy of the label that started it all: Jacquemus, of course (Come on though -- where they do that at?).

So why are these mini bags’ all the rage this season? Maybe because they’re ironic like last season’s ‘dad sneaker’ trend, or maybe because they’re just so irresistibly adorable! Regardless of the reason, we’re taking a look at the fashion killers who caught on to the trend early and deciding once for all; is the mini bag trend a GO or a NO?

Queen Bey

Leave it to Beyonce to have us second guessing how functional mini bags can actually be. Worn as a belt bag, it looks like an easy option for a quick run or even a concert when you want to pack light. Plus, it’s the perfect pop of color to set off this multicolored ensemble.

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If a trend is in style, rest assured that Rihanna did it first. While we may not be quite ready to start wearing our handbags as necklaces, we’re sold on RihRih’s monochromatic moment topped off with a classic Jacquemus mini bag.

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Marlo Hampton

Marlo Hampton has been spotted in the mini bag trend a few times since it’s gone viral, so there’s no doubt that she’s a huge fan. She makes a great case for the trend as an easy option for a day out on the town -- as long as you pack light, of course.

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Lori Harvey

When it comes to style, Lori definitely gets it from her mama. The style maven is always up on the hottest trends and this one is no different. Her pyramid YSL mini bag is a LOOK but what we really want to know is, how much smaller is she willing to go?

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The Clermont Sisters


Never ones to shy away from a trendy moment, it’s no surprise to see that these bad girls were among the first to be spotted in the mini bag trend. Wearing it as a crossbody paired with dad sneakers and a jersey dress gives it a fun sporty twist, but its functionality is still the ultimate mystery.

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