Get Your Skin Summer-FINE Ready with these Black-Owned Skin Scrubs

Sun’s out, Skin’s out! From parties and weddings to tropical getaways, we’re ready to bare some skin as much as we can before Summer’s over -- but first, we have to show our skin some T.L.C. (and we don’t mean the musical group). 

Exfoliating and moisturizing is key to achieving healthy, glowing skin. There are a ton of items on the market; so how can a girl pick one? We can tell you right off the bat that apricot and walnut scrubs just ain’t it! We’ve tried several top-rated, black owned exfoliators, and now we’re spreading the love.  From charcoal, coffee, to brown sugar, we’ve found some of the most affordable black-owned body scrubs on the market that we’ve given our stamp of approval.

Minimo Perk Whipped Coffee Body Scrub

If dry and flaky skin are an issue for you, get you some of this all-natural coffee scrub! It lathers and gently buffs skin with Macadamia Nut Oil, Brown and Pure Cane Sugar, and Ginger Root Extract; natural ingredients to nourish even the most parched skin. 

Kaike Sugar Scrub

Get glowed up with this sweet and invigorating body scrub that deeply penetrates the skin with all natural and vegan ingredients, including cane sugar, coconut oil, avocado oil and vanilla.

Kyncare Pink Sucre Whipped Body Scrub

Your beach body isn’t ready until you rub yourself down with this rejuvenating handcrafted scrub. Together, the foaming whip and Pink Himalayan Salt lather and gently exfoliate skin to remove impurities and reveal a beautiful glistening complexion.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub

It’s quiet for dead, dull skin, thanks to this moisturizing sugar scrub created by Shea Moisture. It exfoliates and nourishes while leaving it firm and toned — aka, ready for shorts and skirts all Summer long.

Pure Tropix Lime Acai Body Scrub

Talk about a tropical paradise! Your skin will thank you after being lathered with a silky smooth Caribbean Sea Salt blended with Acai Oil and Cupuaçu Butter. This botanical combo hydrates thirsty skin and smells delicious! It’s a must-have to pack with you on trips where swimming in salty waters will be involved.

Glam Body Skin Brightening Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub

Mix the perfect scent for summer with grapefruit essential oil and what do you get? The perfect exfoliator to help brighten skin and keep it glowing all summer long!

9 Beauty Products That Will Make You Happier Than A Relationship

Your Unofficial Official Valentine's Day Guide to Beauty

Being in a relationship for 4+ years has taught me that relationships are A. hard; and B. take a lot of patience.

If you’re not in one, you shouldn’t be in a rush, really. We could spend Valentine’s day in the arms of our lovers, staring straight into their eyes while munching heart-shaped chocolates OR surrounded by our girls drinking wine, twerking and in no rush to fill society’s demand for women to “find someone”.

It doesn’t matter which boat (or Uber) you’re in, here are 9 beauty products that requires less from you than a relationship. (All products can be found on


Bask and Co: brown sugar cubes
Start rubbing, it’s probably what you’ll end up doing by the end of the night anyway *wink*. These brown sugar cubes are fortified with a ton of yummy ingredients that break down the rough layers on your skin for the perfect base.


Or if Face scrubs aren’t your thing try a: Kale face mask

Kale face wash doesn’t just carry minerals that you can also find ingesting a bowl of kale, it’s soft enough for all skin types, including sensitive ones. It’s an all powerful, organic super food that provides super skin when use topically. Prepare for all the ‘wow’ facial expressions you’ll have all evening. You’re welcome.


Finalize with Kaike Frosting
This cupcake smelling frost is the closest thing to having your cake and eating it too. What makes it even more special is that it’s all natural, vegan and preservative free. With all that moisturization going on, your face is set to bake!



Zanzi Beauty foundation
If you loved Fenty Beauty, you’ll love Zanzi’s foundations. Created for black and mixed-raced skin tones, this foundation accurately understands the concept of warm and cool undertones on dark skin, unlike many of their mainstream counterparts (Morphe, I’m not talking about you).

Marena Beaute Tarou blush
Blush and bat your eyelashes with the perfect companion: the entire Marena Beaute Tarou Blush Line. These shades were formulated with sophistication for darker complexions. You won’t find bright pinks and red based blushes here, but these rusted oranges and reds make all the difference.


Lipped and highly favored
Kiss your beloved with these shades on your lips Evil Twin, First Class and Private Jet.  On the other hand, show your wild side with shades 1978, ZiSe and Unbothered. No matter which look you for, you can be guaranteed that these shades are 100% cruelty and paraben free.


For a Mattier look, Oowie is the perfect hook
Oowie is the name of the brand I’m suggesting next, and accurately what your date will yell when they lay their eyes on you. These mattes are luxurious and transfer resistant. You can have several glasses of wine without the constant touch ups. I can’t say if it will hold up against constant kissing (get a room, love birds!) but I’m sure one of you will let me know.



Natural Roots Detox wash

With detox being popular in beverages and food, I’m so happy that a detox is now made for hair. Prep the weekend before Valentine’s Day with this detoxifying cleanser that is gentle on hair strands but harsh on oils, butters or gels that make hair brittle and unmanageable. All safe ingredients.


Long lasting coil control
Do you have any idea what makes Valentine’s Day special? Your hair, of course. This Curl Control Jelly from Crowns and Contours sweetens up the whole night with Honey and Agave to do everything from maintaining your edges to holding up those juicy curls till the evening. This is the kind of gel that does not flake so there is no need to worry about that!


When it comes to beauty, we certainly don’t want to deal with the unpredictability or struggle that comes with relationships. We know that looking and feeling gorgeous makes everyone feel unstoppable. So remember that this Valentine’s Day you will give yourself a gift first and then to others. Don’t forget to take those selfies!

Elsa A.