How to Live Your Best ‘WANDERful' Life

Book The Trip, Pack Your Bags, & Live Your Best “Wanderful” Life On A Budget

source @thevicstyles

source @thevicstyles

Let’s keep it real -- the quintessential, globe trotting, nomad has long been depicted as white. The perception of Black America is that travel is seen more as a luxury than a necessity.

Well, here’s the budget and the bees: that misconception is DEAD and we’re here to give you the travel tea so drink up, honey!

First of all, reducing expenses does not entail limiting your travel  experience, and seeking out adventures does not mean you have to break the bank. Sure, some people are fortunate enough to fly first class and stay at swanky resorts but babygirl, you can get some bang for your lil bucks and it doesn’t have to mean compromising comfort or fun. It just means get in where you fit in, and take note on a few things;okay, more like 10 things.

Tip #1: Book in advance and know peak vs. off peak travel times.

Sure, Summer travel is always a doozy, but keep heavy emoji eyes on key travel sites like Kayak, Hopper or Airfarewatchdog to help get you to where you’re going. Also, we hear the best deals are going up on a Tuesday. Take note and book accordingly.

Tip #2: Up your resource game and tap  into using points or miles for airfare.

If there’s a travel reward and flight incentive, there’s a way! You can book your way to paradise on next to nothing and cheaper than you think.

Tip #3: This might be a no brainer, but do your research!

Take the time to compare rates and deals to figure out your options for lodging. Whether a hotel, an AirBnB, well known hostel or crashing at a friends, be open minded.

Tip #4: Find a travel buddy.


It can cut down on costs like splitting Uber and Taxi fares. The buddy policy is always the best policy -- especially when exploring new cities.

Tip #5: Don’t eliminate road trips stay-cations and domestic travel.

Paris may not be in the cards right now, but maybe the beauty of Pueblo, Mexico or  the Big Apple is. Just saying, booking alternate forms of travel can end up being the most enjoyable way to get away. Get you some.

Tip #5: Okay, this one might be a challenge but pack light, sis!

Don’t waste your coins paying for extra bags on your flights and if your driving, ain’t nobody got time for a cramped car full of unnecessary suitcases. Choose staple items, layer up, and call it a day, Mmmkaay!

Tip #6: Travel the way the locals do.

Don’t shy away from public or rideshare transportation. There are plenty of apps to download and help you find your way around town by bus, train subway or whatever. It can definitely make sightseeing easy and more cost effective. But seriously, get an app to help be your guide if you’re solo. We want you to get lost in the experience, not literally.

Tip #7: Venture off the beaten path.

Don’t get sucked into the tourist trap; anywhere you visit will have amazing things to see, food to eat and people to meet. All you have to do is show up!

Tip #8: Material things are overrated.

Collecting memories is the real bag. It also makes travel more peaceful, your luggage lighter, and your pockets fatter.

Tip #9: I don't know who needs to hear this but those new shoes you want to buy, skip it.

The Zara sale, just say no. The grande frappes and eating out, cut back. They will all take away from your travel fund. Set that savings goal to align with your pay schedule and get ready to set sail, road trip or jet set on your journey. You got this! P.S., I needed to hear this.

Bottom line, you are not too broke to experience the world around you. Yes, travel comes at a cost but you don’t have to skip out on it all together. It just means that your black girl magic comes with that ballin’ on a budget glow. So shine on, book the trip, pack the bag and live your best “wanderful” life on a budget already! That vacay-get-away slay awaits. Tuh! You deserve it! Because newsflash: traveling while black is totally a thing.

courtesy of @travelnoir

courtesy of @travelnoir