Sometimes it just costs too much. All of it. The rent, the car note, the tuition, that bag, LIFE IN GENERAL. How does society expect for us to enjoy life when everything is too expensive or completely out of reach? I’m not talking about being able to afford weekly sails by yacht on the French Riviera. I’m talking the basics: shelter, food, healthcare and quality clothing. I live in the Bay Area (I’m originally from Oakland) and we have experienced one of the most insane forms of gentrification in the country. Less than a decade ago, you could find a 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Oakland for less than $1000. These same apartments are now going for $2500+ per month. Don’t even get me started on the price of gas or fresh produce.

This blog post could get really deep, but for the sake of pulling your heart strings I will keep it light (for now).  People have their many vices and mine is shopping. I online window shop daily (yes, daily) looking for my next fix. But there are so many things that I love and just simply cannot give up my money for. I just can’t do it. It’s either too trendy and lacks longevity, or isn’t sustainable, or I can find something that looks just like it for far less. Now, this doesn’t mean that I am running to the nearest “copy-bag” alley and getting a Chanel bag with crooked interlocking C’s and unraveling stitching, but it does mean that I am not against buying inspired pieces for the low. I love a look for less. 

This look was inspired by Rag & Bone’s Spring 2014 Talia V-neck Sweater which retailed for $395 and the Louis Vuitton Star Trail Ankle Boots ($1360). The Mango version retails for $45.99, but I grabbed it on sale for $22.99. My LV inspired boots are actually Jeffrey Campbell and I scored them from Nordstrom for $165.

 Rag & Bone V-Neck Sweater $395

Rag & Bone V-Neck Sweater $395

  Louis Vuitton Star Trail Ankle Boots $1360

 Louis Vuitton Star Trail Ankle Boots $1360




Fashion should be fun and not financially frightening. Keep your heart 3 stacks…and your money!

In fashion. In life. In style. In love.

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