Denim and white is a the perfect classic combo for spring and will never go out of style. I love a good boyfriend jean they’re super comfortable and you can do so much...dress them up or down. This was a look I chose for Sunday brunch. I put on a mule heel and fun earrings to enhance my look, all though denim and white is classic, it can become boring so add a fun shoe or bold jewelry to take your look up a notch!

All girls should own at least one pair of boyfriend jeans; they can be worn so many ways and are really comfortable. I prefer to wear my boyfriend jeans with heels because it’s such a loose style of denim the heels makes it feminine. Now don’t get me wrong if it’s just one of those days I’ll gladly put on a cute flat with my boyfriend jeans and that’s still super casual but stylish.



Another must have piece is a white button down blouse, so much can be done with a white blouse. If you don’t have one please stop right now and go get one because they’re perfect for those days when you just don’t know what to wear. As a woman I tend to overthink what I should wear certain days when in reality some of my best days are when I say less is more. Denim and white is the true definition of less is more it’s a combination that any girl can wear regardless of her body type. I will say it was a struggle finding a good boyfriend jean fit for me because as a woman with hips sometimes jeans with no stretch fit me weird but these were a great combination of a fitted baggy boyfriend jeans.


I’m excited for spring fashion to me it’s like a rebirth. Flowers are starting to blossom so beautifully, the trees are growing the leaves and flowers back as you can see in some of my pictures. I was able to find pretty flowers and full trees with bold colors, nature is a huge inspiration for me. All the pretty colors that I see in nature is a reminder of where it all starts. Peace and love beautiful people as always don’t forget to check out my blog to check out more of my personal styles I’d love to chat with you all there and hear some of your feedback. 






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