Confidence is my favorite thing to wear. In lieu of women’s history month and the trajectory the fashion industry is headed, I’ve found that I can wear anything as long as I feel confident. I moved to Detroit for a few months and everyone had their own style and looked different. When I moved back to Grand Rapids I understood that it’s okay to look different, so I dyed my hair platinum blonde. Everywhere I go someone comments on it and I’ve even had people point out that they’re surprised how confident I am.


Now when I step outside I know people will be looking because it’s not common to see a black girl with a platinum pixie cut. In doing this I just hoped to inspire people to step outside of the box. Even in my outfit choices, I know I want to look unique and showcase who I am so I make a point to wear things that represent me. My favorite things to wear are oversized with a heeled shoe. I love t-shirt dresses because they're so easy to wear, can be dressed up or dressed down, and most importantly, they're so comfortable! I got this one for 50% off at Missguided which was a steal, to say the least. It’s rare that I don't have on sunnies so when I received these ones from Quay as a gift I was elated! Jean jackets are also staples because they make everything more casual and add a layer of warmth. I bought this one from forever21 and painted my name on the back of two of my jean jackets just for some added detail. My boots are also from forever 21 and can you believe I only paid $9 for them! Crazy. 

This look is one that reflects my style and is perfect for a lunch date or running a few light errands. March is coming to a close so I'm hoping to get rid of all these layers soon but in April I challenge you to try the hairstyle you've always wanted, wear the outfit you've been uncertain about, and be yourself unapologetically.

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