Vanessa: First thing is first, can you tell us who you are and what you do?

S.M: I'm Prisca Okwara (@thestyleminimalist) Founder and CEO of www.fabpieces.com. Proud wife and mother of 2 amazing little boys and counting. Currently expecting baby number 3.

Vanessa: That’s amazing, congratulations! Now, shifting gears a bit, what is your current favorite item that you own?

 Photo from @thestyleminimalist

Photo from @thestyleminimalist

S.M: Oh I have to say, this super adorable skater chic dress I got from Lightinthebox last year. I styled it this year, shared on Instagram and my fellow fashionistas loved it just as much as I did. I’ll include a photo of the look!

Vanessa: That would be great if you could, what is your current must-have item that you do not own?

S.M: Gosh, I’ve had my eye on this rainbow colored stripe suit by Carolina Herrera. It’s sold out now! I want it so bad I’ve been searching the web for the material so that I can attempt to make it. I know, it’s that bad!


Vanessa: Hey if you can’t buy it, make it! What about colors? Are you more of a fan of pastels or bold royal colors?

S.M: Definitely pastels. I am a sucker for soft, bright beautiful colors. Forever a girly girl at heart.

Vanessa: Yes there is something about pastels that connects with the little girl in all of us. What is your current style philosophy?

S.M: Choose Color! Color makes everybody happy; and one can never go wrong with a hint, a touch or a splash of the bright and bold. They brighten the day!

Vanessa: Let’s talk shop for a moment, what is the most impactful collaboration that you have been involved in?

S.M: My collaboration with Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics brand for Breast Cancer Awareness Month has definitely been the most impactful collaboration thus far. The collaboration was solely about what makes us feel empowered as women and how important it is to fight our battles to be better and not bitter.

Vanessa: Absolutely! Improvement means letting go of baggage, emotional or otherwise. What about being a style blogger do you love the most? 

S.M: Just staying true to my personal style and seeing so many people gravitate towards that. In the society we live in, sometimes finding or even refining our personal style can be a struggle. It’s important for me to be myself and have my own fashion identity. I don’t slave over fashion trends because trends aren’t for everyone. As an individual, I’ve gone through so many changes in life but regardless of what life throws at me, it’s so important for me to maintain my personal style as I adapt to styles that makes me feel legitimately beautiful, chic and confident in what I’m wearing.



By Vanessa Peters creator of sofxposh.com and host of the Sofxposh Podcast

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