A sunny day in the park is always a day well spent. I love this sundress for many reasons; it’s super comfortable and can be worn many different ways. Dresses and heels always make me feel like such a lady. I’ve challenged myself to only buy skirts and dresses this spring season and yes that means no jeans or pants. The hot weather here should make this challenge very easy to say the least. The dress I’m wearing is from one of my favorite stores, Free People, l love their pieces! They’re so stylish,  so comfortable and timeless. I was happy overall with the way my look came together; it was very comfortable and simplistic.

 Dress www.freepeople.com  Shoes www.topshop.com

Dress www.freepeople.com

Shoes www.topshop.com

My gold heels definitely added some flavor! It’s really amazing what a cute pair of heels can do for your  look. I really love pieces that can carry me throughout my entire day meaning I can go from brunch to a  day party and make my way to date night all with one look. I’d say that’s an item well  worth it. Speaking of dresses we’re coming up on festival season and the style of dress I’m wearing is perfect for festivals--it gives the ultimate boho chic vibe with a cute pair of flat sandals. Keyword flat for any type of festival or outdoor event that will require a lot of walking. I highly recommend something flat and flat doesn’t mean it’s not stylish because you always want to look the part for whatever event. Now if you just want to slay at a festival with stilettos on more power to you but I don’t recommend it. 

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