Hold Up, They Don’t Love You Like I Love You!


Sometimes you have to get dressed up and put that freakum dress on and step out just to let the boys know you still got it! I promise ladies when I purchased this dress I caught Beyonce vibes — and then while shooting in it, I thought to myself, the only thing I’m missing is my bat and it would’ve been on and popping! 


We all have insecurities of all kind whether it’s our size, hair, or anything girl I’m here to tell you ain’t nothing to it but to get cute for yourself, wear that confidence like nobodies business and watch the boys go crazy! 

As I’m getting older I’m starting to realize that confidence really comes from within. If you don’t like something about yourself or whatever insecurity you may have do something about it. Get dressed, get cute and dolled up and go have dinner or stepping out to a happy hour and enjoy life to the fullest. There’s something about each of us that someone else’s lacks remember that. 

On another note — on Monday’s there’s always a discount online where I purchased this dress. Don’t tell anyone I told you! Let’s keep our secret between us! 


Bag: @chanel
Dress: @vicidolls
Shoes: @vincecamuto
Make-Up: @beautymarkedbyjoelle
Photographer: @Farranweezy 

-Love and light ladies! 

Meg HarperComment