Photo via   OpalbyOpal

Photo via OpalbyOpal

VANESSA: Thank you for interviewing us Opal, let's start with the basics, who are you and what do you do?

OPAL: My name is Opal Stewart and I’m a “fashion influencer” on paper but in my mind I’m just a girl trying to carve out her path in the world.

VANESSA: What inspires your style as a fashion blogger?

OPAL: I get most of my inspiration by walking down the streets of New York. There are so many unique people going outside the mold and creating extraordinary style in this city. I also love going to fashion exhibits, The Met and Brooklyn Museum are always displaying something good. I remember going to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and being blown away.

VANESSA: What about downtime dressing? Do you prefer maxi dresses over jeans?

OPAL: I definitely prefer Jeans because they are so versatile. You can dress them up by pairing them with strappy sandals and an oversized blazer or dress them down with a T-shirt and sneakers.

VANESSA: Yes Jeans are more versatile. What was the last lie you told?

OPAL: I still use my student ID at Topshop to get the student discount. Is that a lie?

VANESSA: It’s the gift that keeps on giving. What do you think is the most prominent style trend right now?

OPAL: Velvet. I see it not only in fashion but also home decor, from the couch to the decorative pillows sitting on it.

 Via @opalbyopal

Via @opalbyopal

VANESSA: Who is your favorite aesthetic illustrator?

OPAL: I don’t have a favorite illustrator because I don’t really follow that world but my top bloggers are @urbanbushbabes & @songofstyle. I love that they’re not afraid to experiment with their aesthetics.

VANESSA: And there is certainly lots of time to do that. Thigh high boots or platform sandals?

OPAL: Definitely platform sandals. I always need help taking off my thigh high boots.

VANESSA: Yes thigh high boots are a pain in that regard. Nautical stripes or Kente cloth designs?

OPAL: I’m all about vibrant colors and patterns so definitely Kente cloth designs.


VANESSA: They are definitely gaining popularity which is nice to see. What is your favorite piece of style advice that you can share with our readers?

OPAL: It’s important to experiment with your looks because that’s how your style will evolve. I find that trying on pieces that you’d never think to wear can sometimes be pleasantly surprising. Something that looks simple on the rack might be the next article of clothing you fall in love with after trying it on. It's free to try things on so no commitment necessary.

VANESSA: Or both *laughs* one last question for you, how do you find that you deal with criticism?

OPAL: Criticism pushes me to do better and be better. I always welcome constructive criticism and ignore all the other noise.


By Vanessa Peters creator of sofxposh.com and host of the Sofxposh Podcast

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