When it’s summer, you have to follow the instructions of the great philosopher Drake, “wear less and go out more!”

The sun came to play no games with us this summer. Going outside with my son, shooting for my blog, or even walking out to my car has been like climbing Mount Everest to me. By the time I get anywhere, my makeup is dripping down my face and I just want to climb back into the shower. So, I’ve decided that flirty dresses are going to be my main staple until Fall.


Polka dots have been a hot summer pattern this year and I knew the perfect place that I could find a cute summer mini for a good price. This little number from Forever21 is perfect for a lot of different occasions.

I paired my polka-dot mini with a pair of fringe heels and a netted bag the first time I wore it on a date with my husband. The second time I wore it was to a day-date with my girlfriends and I paired the dress with a pair of crisp white trainers and an oversized white bag.

What makes this mini such a great buy is its versatility. You can wear it so many different ways and get more bang for your buck. So, if you’re trying to beat the summer heat like me, try this perfect little mini and let me know what you think.

 Dress: Forever21  Heels: Amazon  Bag: Amazon

Dress: Forever21

Heels: Amazon

Bag: Amazon

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