Hey guys! I'm back with a #summatimefine picnic table cloth look, and you wouldn't believe I got this #LoversPlusFriends dress off #Revolve for under $100! I have so many friends that get overwhelmed by their pricing when they first check out their site but you have to see stick around to see that their random sales and holiday sales are a win-win situation that you cannot pass up. I couldn't help but to match it up with a simple #SteveMadden nude shoe, and the popular #CultGaia large clutch for the summer. 


That's not all! You MUST get into this slits the details into the unique sleeves throughout the dress that really sold me ---- ya'll know I love difficult pieces (flash back to the green polka dot outfit from C/Meo). 

download (3).jpg
download (2).jpg

Lastly, make sure before you checkout while you're online shopping during the holidays to check the brands #Instagram for a possibly discount code. That's become a good habit of mine, and not only during holiday shopping sales but in general.

Happy Shopping and continue to put your best foot forth as an individual to make the world, your space, and community a better place one day at a time! 

Love & Light,

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